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My Story

Talitha Kumi Jewels handbags and jewelry are created without the use of machines. Any and every handbag you purchase has been handmade with needle and thread by yours' truly! That is why the TKJ guarantee is that NO ONE, (not a single soul) will have your exact bag! From each bead being sewn onto the fabric, to the stitching together of the actual bag, everything is done by needle and thread, no sewing machine involved! (Sidenote: THE hardest thing I've ever taught myself to sew was putting in zippers!) And the beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry you see is often made from repurposed finds! Each piece is unique because it is created from jewelry that has been taken apart, purified, and repurposed by me!

(Fun Fact: I've recently encountered some freshwater, akoya, and Tahitian-yes, Tahitian-pearls that I am having a blast with.)

Because of Jesus's love for me, I created Talitha Kumi Jewels to create a catalyst to express that love. (From the website design and development to the creation of the items, you are looking at a one-woman show! Except Jesus, that's my that guy.) Think about may sit at a coffee shop and 'people watch' everyday. But you never really know anything about those people-at least, not like you may think you do. The word that I am looking for here is called, "sonder". It means a "deep realization" of how people, each and every last person, is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. If someone makes a mistake and causes you an inconvenience, I want to emphasize the importance of forgiveness. We have no EARTHLY idea what happened to them when, well, maybe they were five, and it caused one of the character traits, or ticks, that they have today. Or what happened today that may have made them late for work. But Jesus does. In fact, He has a HEAVENLY idea. An ALL-KNOWING 'idea'. And, He knows you, too!

Recently, He pointed out something to me. Health, especially mental health, is wealth. Unforgiveness can have a profound impact in the detriment of health. Have you ever noticed that in certain areas where immense trauma has happened, there are often higher levels of disease, both mental and physical? (It somewhat pains me to make that distinction, as mental health is very much rooted in the physical) So, I leave you with this: As Jesus was showing me, I am just simply not that big and bad of a person to hate someone else. Because life, when compared to eternity, is INCREDIBLY short......and there is nothing in it that I can take with me anyway (but a nice handbag or a great piece of jewelry DOES NOT hurt)! Maybe a few good memories, maybe a few bad (but, again, remember,"all things for the good", as mentioned in Romans 8:28). 

So, grab a nice handbag/necklace combo for an evening out, go have fun, make a memory, and love like your soul depends on it....because it does.

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